Cathy Fleck

I've decided that writing the ABOUT ME page for my website is harder than making the music we're promoting.  But, I'll give it a shot.

I'm not in a band, I'm not a songwriter, and I'm not unique in any way.  I'm just a singer who adores a luscious melody.  I cry through sentimental lyrics and enjoy kitschy, splashy Broadway music and believe the Great American Songbook is worthy of its name.  I revere the songwriters who shaped that era and I honor the lyrics they left behind.  

The demons of debilitating stage fright kept me from performing for several years.  I'm not remotely shy or introverted, but the fear of a wrong note kept me from doing the thing I love.  Larry Hall, my producer, encouraged me to get back on the horse and I did the best I could.  Then, The Adele Moment changed my life.  Performing live during the 2017 Grammy Awards, Adele stopped singing ON LIVE TV and said she wanted to start over.  I thought, "Holy$&*!, If Adele can do that, what am I so afraid of?"
Now here's that obligatory ABOUT ME:

I'm the proud daughter of an Air Force Lt. Colonel who was raised on military bases around the country until we eventually settled in Oklahoma.  I studied Music Education at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, then taught music and choir for 10 years in the public school system.  I also sang with small combos and did community theatre from time to time.  I moved to Midland, Texas in 1989 to marry Mike, the love of my life.  I quit teaching to work side by side with him in his booming jewelry business.  It was a wonderful decision and we were the perfect team.  After retiring from retail, it was time to get back to the music.  I have wanderlust and adore foreign food, world music and global cultures.  I've got mad cooking skills and am a surprisingly good mixologist.  Oh, and I dance Hula.  Thanks for listening. 


Larry Hall - Producer, Keyboards, Arrangements and Orchestrations

I simply love singing with Larry's piano playing.  It's like a symbiotic relationship.  An extraordinary musician, Larry wrote glorious arrangements and orchestrations for both of my albums. Larry has worked with many of the country's greatest artists, on stage and in the studio.  Check out his webpage here.  

The Band - Dear Digital Downloads, I Miss Album Liner Notes

Surround yourself with the best in their field and they will make you rise to your best self.  That's what I believe.  I had as much joy watching these musicians work as I did singing the songs.  All phenomenal studio and touring musicians on their own right, as a group, they are dynamic.  Check out their webpages.

The Drummers and Percussionists: Paul Leim,  Chester Thompson,  Anthony Morra,  Glen Caruba 

Guitars and Bass:  Denny Jiosa,  Dave Cleveland,  Danny O'Lannerghty,  John Heinrich 

Horns and Sax: Vinnie Cielsielski,  Mike Haynes,  Sam Levine,  Mark Douthit

Background Vocals: Deb Thomas,  Gale Mayes,  Reggie Smith,  Cindy Walker